Rainy Day Workout 💪🏻💦

Rain or shine I expect you to get in your workout!!! This morning I ran 6 miles in the rain and came back to my garage gym for a quick circuit.  NO EXCUSES!  

Warmup 5 min (bike, power walk, run, elip, jump rope, row etc)

Pelvic Bridges 2 X 15 

Down dog 

Repeat 3 times (1 min rest between each round)

Jump Rope X 100

Disc Push-up / Pec Fly X 15

Plank Hip Drops X 20

Mtn Climbers X 50

Jump Lunges X 20

Disc Tricep Push-up “V” Up X 15 (discs on feet)

Disc Hamstring Curls X 10 doubles & 20 singles (discs on heels, lay on back)

Disc “Lower” Lunges X 10 each leg (get lower each lunge)

Disc Reach Throughs X 20 (discs on feet, reach for opposite armpit)

Downdog & DONE!!! 

Buy discs (carpet or hard surface) at ShapeItUp!!

Amy Approved = Creating Harmony Through Fitness & Whole Foods 🍀

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