Personal Training

Amy Approved Fitness Studio – Amy trains clients out of her home studio / garage.  1-5 people at a time.  Sessions are one hour long.


1 on 1: $60 per hour / 5 sessions $300 / 10 sessions $600
2 on 1: $80 per hour / 5 sessions $400 / 10 sessions $800
3 on 1: $105 per hour / 5 sessions $525 / 10 sessions $1050
1 on 130 min session: $40 per half hour / 5 sessions $200 / 10 sessions $400

Program Design If you are looking to meet for less than 10 sessions and leave with a program in hand this is for you.
1 on 1: 1st session $100 / each additional session $75

Small Group Circuit

If you are looking for an energetic, fun motivating small group personal training class this is for you! Classes are held every Monday & Thursday at 5:45am & 9am.  Each class typically has 6-12 clients. Download our app and sign up for our small group circuit classes.  You can book up to 3 months out.  Contact Amy with any questions.


Small group circuit: $20 per class / 5 classes $100 / 10 classes $200

Book Now

Exciting News, Member App Now Available!

I am excited to announce I now offer an app to book your classes with Amy
Approved Fitness.

In Home Training

Amy will come to you!


1 on 1: $75 / hour / 5 sessions $375 / 10 sessions $750.00
2 on 1: $100 / hour / 5 sessions $500 / 10 sessions $1000

Program Design – if you are looking for Amy to come to you and create a fitness program for you this is for you.
1 on 1 where Amy comes to your home.  $125 / hour

Nutrition Coaching


Amy Approved Fitness Studio – 1 on 1 session focusing on YOU!  $75 / hour which includes a 1 hour session where you will leave with a shopping list, food prep instructions, a meal plan and much more.

In-home nutrition – 1 on 1 where Amy comes to you! Cost is $125 / hour

Accountability – If you are looking for accountability, an education on nutrition / overall health and feedback on your daily food journals this plan is for you.  Cost is $75 per week which includes a weekly 15 min phone call, daily (Mon – Fri) texts check-ins, motivational emails that contain new recipes and workouts and constant positive energy.   I also hold you accountable for your workouts and overall fitness plan.

Personal Training

Amy is an IFPA certified personal trainer with her bachelors of science in Kinesiology.  She trains clients at her home studio in Arroyo Grande, CA.  Amy offers 1 on 1, 1 on 2, and 1 on 3 personal training and also offers 4 small group training circuits per week (Monday & Thursday – 5:45am & 9am) at her indoor/outdoor home studio.  Amy puts a large emphasis on longevity, strength and a whole food nutrition plan.  She specializes in personalized fitness , small group circuit training and also offers online coaching for those of you who live afar.  Amy is a very result driven trainer! Her motto is LEAN, FIT, CONFIDENT & STRONG!!!

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