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We all workout our bodies and push them to the limits.  We sometimes forget to take care and let them heal.  Acupuncture has been around for 4000 years but is recently gaining a lot of popularity as an alternative natural treatment due to the amazing results just a few sessions can have.

My husband and I have turned to acupuncture as our number one treatment.  Ben had a severe case of sciatica and for an entire month he literally could barely walk and when he did he drug a foot and was half bent over.  He tried chiropractic, western pain drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, stretching etc…When nothing else would work he finally tried acupuncture.  With one treatment his pain went from a 9 down to a 3!  He got a second treatment a few days later and his body healed w/in 1 week.  A miracle?  No…Acupuncture DOES WORK!

Here are some of the benefits:

• Pain reduction
• Muscle relaxation
• Normalization of organ activity
• Hormone regulation
• Reduction of inflammation and swelling
• Tissue and wound healing
• Enhanced immune response
• Restoration of blood flow to limbs and organs
• Increased joint range-of-motion
• Digestive regulation
• Stress reduction & mood enhancement

The local acupuncturist we see is Michelle Hamilton who practices at the SLO Wellness Center.
Contact Michelle 805-543-8688

Contact Michelle: 805-543-8688

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