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Amy is Amazing

March 28, 2023

Amy is amazing. Her workouts are very well rounded. Not only does she have great workouts, but she works with you on your goals as a whole and creates a total plan that includes nutrition and overall wellness to reach your goals. She is positive and motivating while holding you accountable to your goals and intentions. I could not recommend her more highly.


Amy is both a great motivator and source of support

March 28, 2023

Amy is both a great motivator and source of support. She has a true love and passion for physical and mental health. Amy is able to hone in on what your body needs to be at its best and also how to help you feel successful and strong.

Thank you!


There is really NO ONE like Amy!

March 28, 2023

I grew up being a swimmer and the gym was NEVER my thing, but as I got older I needed to find a way to keep me in shape because finding a pool to exercise got harder and harder with the busy lifestyle I have. The gym was very intimidating and I did not have motivation, nor did I know what to do while I was there. I felt like it was a waste of money and a waste of time. I moved to the central coast back in 2014 and I was talking to one of my buyers about how I was struggling with my weight, and he suggested I check out his wife’s circuit class…and I’m so glad I did!

I started going to Amy’s circuit class at Kennedy fitness. The early times made it easy to still manage my busy schedule for work, she made me feel welcome and she helped teach and would give the class explanation on what to do, how to do it properly and why she chose these workouts. You can tell she puts a lot of thought and preparation into the work outs. She doesn’t just throw exercises together, you can tell there’s a full thought process behind it all. I loved the classes, I felt accomplished and for once comfortable working out at a gym.

After a couple years, Amy suggested I see her privately (at her home gym) as well as the circuit classes. I had just moved back from being gone 8 months, and my weight was the highest it’s ever been in my life (204). I started seeing her twice a week. Taking her private sessions, I was able to see other side of Amy’s expertise! She broke down “healthy Lifestyle” plans and dove into the nutrition side of things…

-What healthy foods to eat (sticking to Whole Foods and no processed foods)

– When to eat (specific times to give your gut a break)

– Healthy alternatives (she’s got endless recipes on healthy foods to cook at home and to take on the go)

– identifying food sensitivities (Amy wanted me off of sugar and gluten… I have a bad sugar problem and I was intaking more sugar then my body could break down and that spiked my weight gain. Also, gluten inflames my joints)

-Keep moving (even when I don’t see Amy, she still encourages to keep active, whether it’s a walk, hike or bike ride outside)

After several weeks of seeing Amy and implementing some of these changes into my life, I started noticing changes… few pounds here and there started coming off.

After covid, Amy started her circuit classes at her home and I still see her twice a week. I started implementing fasting into my diet and that has helped manage my weight. I am now down to 160 and have been able to maintain this weight for some time now. Amy’s house is a bit of a drive for me, and with the early mornings, it can be challenging… but all and all she is WORTH IT! I’ve never had a better trainer than her. I’ve tried other gyms “power classes” or “cross fit” classes and even home trainers come to my house to train me… but nothing compares to Amy!

Her work outs are challenging yet rewarding, her energy and drive is contagious, her knowledge on health and fitness is unmatched, she modifies accordingly if someone has an injury, she helps you build and work towards good healthily habits. There is really NO ONE like Amy! She genuinely cares and wants to help others better their lives! I feel incredibly blessed to have her as my trainer. She has impacted and changed my life in more ways than she’ll ever know! 😊


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Personal Training

“I have been training with Amy for over 14 months once a week pretty consistently. Her workouts are organized, intense and results   driven. I feel better over all and in more control of my mind and body.. While training, Amy also offers sound nutritional advice, is positive in her approach and offers solutions for my healthy lifestyle. She challenges you to be all you can be and is a perfect model of health and wellness. Give Amy a chance to work with you and your life will never be the same.”  Barbie Rozek

Clean Eating

“The reason started the Amy Approved / 4 week Cleanse was to find out what was causing some of my digestion issues. But besides finding that I have a problem digesting raw vegetables there were many more benefits. My energy level is greater; I am more focus and clear minded.  My workout improved with greater energy. But the most exciting thing was I found my waist.  Amy says the abdominals start in the kitchen, she is right!  Always being thick wasted this is where I could really feel a change.  After completing 4 weeks of the cleanse I lost 5 lbs,   1 ½” in my waist, 1 ½ “ in my hips, and 1” in my thighs. Thank you Amy for all my new healthy habits…  I feel fabulous!!! And an extra benefit, my husband lost 10lbs :)”
Chris Haubruge

“My 15-week program via email with Amy was both a successful weight-loss program and a life-long education that was priceless. Although I’ve never met her, she had an impressive ability to learn about me, my needs, my habits, and keep me focused on my goals. Her professionalism and enthusiasm for her work came through with every interaction and was incomparable to any other consultant. I highly recommend her, especially if you’re seeking personalized guidance to re-learn about health and nutrition and bring your goals to fruition.”

“Amy, I just want to let you know that I am on day 10 and feel wonderful and full of energy.  I love making all these new recipes and use your BLOG all the time.  The best thing for me is I could not drink any wine for the first week of the cleanse and all my hot flashes have stopped.  They woke me up many times in the night, I’m now sleeping five to six hours without waking up.  I really think the only reason I’m waking up now is I have to use the bathroom as I’m drinking alot more water than usual. I’m enjoying Yoga class even more as I feel more wholesome.  I also feel more calm and happy with myself.  Not to mention losing a few pounds is always a good feeling!  Thank you Amy for getting me on the right track.”  Love, Mom

“I am following an Amy Approved/designed 7 day cleanse. It is almost the end of day 3 and I have more energy, have lost 4 lbs and am enjoying the food choices she has outlined for me.  My husband is also participating in the cleanse and he can not believe how much his stomach has gone down at the end of day three. If you want to take control of your health and eating habits, work with Amy and she will taylor a regime that fits your needs and will set you on a path of taking control and finding a nutritional balance for you that will help you be all you can be.  Thanks Amy!!”


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