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I want to inspire you to plant at least one vegetable plant or fruit tree this season.  It is so rewarding, relaxing and HEALTHY to pick and eat from your very own yard!

Ben and I started our first simple garden 3 years ago.  We started by putting our compost (ANY fruit, vegetable, egg shells, coffee grounds, newspaper etc…NO meat or dairy) into a small separate garbage in our kitchen.  We then started a big compost pile outside near our garden.  We made 4 or 5 boxes out of old wood and planted Squash, Tomatoes, Zucchini & Lettuce.  To our amazement they grew and we were eating out of our own yard!  Going on year four our compost pile is huge and has great useable soil, we now plant in the ground and I bought Ben a greenhouse for Christmas so we can grow year round.
I hope this post inspires you to start simple and plant one vegetable or one fruit tree…You will love it!  YES I am very lucky to have a gardener (BEN/husband) that does most of the hard work but I do go out and pick the produce, prep and cook it!


We just planted our winter crops last week
Our compost pile outside
A simple/small garbage can inside to collect our compost
Our first attempt at growing in a greenhouse & strawberries on right
Keep up the great workouts!!!
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