Kombucha – Amy’s obsession!

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching it brings us all to the spirit of love. Speaking of love = KOMBUCHAS! Yes I am slightly obsessed w/ them but they get me through each afternoon, make me feel good and have so many health benefits.  They are slightly expensive (about $4 per bottle) but sooo worth the $$$.  Skip Starbucks and buy a Kombucha instead is my theory!  I have been drinking one a day for the past year or so (minus the 3 long months they pulled them off the shelves).  Here are the nutrition benefits GT’s Organic Raw Kombucha:

*Contains probiotics which are digestive enzymes that help regulate the digestive system and help with your overall immune system
*Improves digestion
*Contain all of your “B” Vitamins & Folic Acid = ENERGY
*PH balances the body
*Contain organic acids that assist in promoting balance & harmony
*100% Organic Raw = unprocessed, uncooked, unpasteurized
*Helps to keep your skin and hair healthy and alive
*Has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties
*Has a effervescent “bubbly” effect that soothes your stomach and works as an appetite suppressor
*Low in calories – only 60 per bottle and 2-4 grams of sugar
To Your Health…

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4 thoughts on “Kombucha – Amy’s obsession!”

  1. Ames! Love the blog, its fun to watch. We get our eggs from an organic farmer, you’re completely right about the yolks. I laughed when I saw the Kombucha, I think they’re great, especially the ginger one. Unfortunately I can only enjoy them on weekends because I’m grounded for 12 hours after drinking one, how crazy is that?

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