Intensity is “Amy Approved”

I am often asked the question….”What should my heart rate be to assure I am burning fat?”  I also hear “I don’t want to get my heart rate too high because I want to make sure I am in my fat burning zone“.    Here are some answer’s to those questions and myths.

1.  Intensity burns fat.  Regardless of what your exact heart rate is the more intense your workout is the more fat you are going to burn post workout.  YES when you do a 30 minute cardio that consists of 5-6 one minute intense intervals you will burn 200-300 more calories AFTER your workout which is called the post burn.  If you do a 1 hour slower workout your calorie burn will pretty much stop immediately after the workout ends.  There is something to be said for getting in a longer slower workout once in awhile, but to get the most “bang for your buck” intensity is key!

2.  That also goes for lifting weights.  If your goal is to burn fat and tone up it is best to do a multi-joint (working more than one muscle group at a time) circuit type of workout.  Pick 3 exercises and super-set from one to the other until you have completed 3 sets.  Do this with 3 sets of 3 exercises.  That means NO CHATTING in between sets.  GET TO WORK!  You can accomplish an amazing workout, that will achieve an awesome post burn, in 30 minutes if you are focused.

Cardio Interval Workout (treadmill, elliptical, bike, outside power walking/running or step-mill)
*10 min warm-up
*1 minute “hard” (you should be breathless)
*1 minute “easy” (you should be able to chat w/ your neighbor)
*Repeat this 5-7 times
*5 minutes of “moderate” intensity” (you should be breathless but not at max)
*5 minute cool-down

Circuit Weight Training (Complete 3 sets of 12-15 reps)
*Warm-up 5-10 minutes
*Supermans to warm-up your low back

*Walking lunges w/ db (dumbbell) lateral raises
*Standing db rows (for your lats)

*BOSU oblique planks w/ reach through
*Ball hamstring curls lying on ground
*Butt ball bridges

*Ball “v” ups
*Db skull crushes rolled out on ball
*Db bicep curl in a crunch position on ball


Increase that intensity and your body will begin to shape and tone like never before!  Intensity is Amy Approved 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Intensity is “Amy Approved””

    1. Hello Katlin!
      The two oils I use the most are organic Coconut & Grapeseed oils. Olive oil is great too but it cannot be heated too hot as it then becomes rancid and turns into a “bad” fat source. When you need a liquid form of oil use the Grapeseed and when you need to coat a pan or are stirfrying use the Coconut. It smells soooo yummy!!

    1. Quinoa is most commonly considered a grain. You can for sure find it at the Boise health food store down town. A traditional store like Vons would have it in their health food section. Bob Red Mills is one of the best brands. Let me know what you think!

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