Kale Omelet


Now before you judge the finished product know that I truly tried to make this look like an omelet, but it turned out more like a scramble.  Same thing right??!!!

I realize that “Kale Omelet” doesn’t sound appetizing to some of you BUT Kale is such a nutrient powerhouse it will soon be your favorite vegetable as it is mine!  The kale in this photo came out of my garden.  It is a very hearty plant making it super easy to grow.  Coco (our chicken) gave us the eggs!  BOSU is still being stubborn…We are working on her!

Kale Summary:
*2 cups of kale = 10 grams of protein!!!  Who needs steak???
*1 cup =
354% of your daily Vitamin A
1328% of your daily Vitamin K 
89% of your daily Vitamin C
27% of your daily Manganese
10% of your daily Fiber
*Great source of protein, Vitamin E, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Folate, Iron, Fiber & Magnesium
And much more…

I used about 1 tsp of coconut oil in my cast iron pan, sauteed the vegetables, whisked the egg’s in a bowl, then added them to the veggies.  I did add about 1/4 of avocado on top, salt/pepper and a shake or two of Bragg’s Nutrition Flakes.

Start your day off right with a NUTRIENT FULL breakfast of a Kale Omelet!

Finished Product

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