15 min. Quinoa Salad

This is an easy, fast & super healthy lunch idea that only takes 15 minutes to prepare.  It is my staple when I want a satisfying warm meal! Click on photo to buy the Quinoa online.


*Boil 1 cup of water then add 1/2 cup Quinoa, cover with lid and simmer for 15 minutes
*While that is cooking…fill your bowl with whatever you have in the fridge.  I used: Cucumber, Tomato, Sugar Snap Peas & Kidney Beans.
*Add the cooked Quinoa, mix all together, top with salt/pepper, a couple of tsp’s of Apple Cider Vinegar and some fresh squeezed lemon.

Quinoa Nutrition Facts:
*Complete protein
*Contains all of your essential amino acids
*Whole grain
*Awesome source of Protein, Magnesium, Fiber, Iron & Phosphorus

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