Think of taking supplements as your insurance policy.  YES we all hope to absorb all of our vitamins, nutrients & minerals through the GREEN food we eat but taking high quality supplements will ensure that our bodies are meeting our daily quota.  Now comes the question…which supplements do I buy and which ones are best???  Not all supplements are created equal!  You do not want to ingest a vitamin that contains a ton of fillers as this forces your system to work even harder to break it down and sort through all of the mess just to get the “good stuff” out.  LOVE Costco for their increased volume of organic meats and vegetables but their supplement line is pretty scary.  Next time you go read a bottle and see how many ingredients are in it.  I buy my supplements from Pure as they have free shipping and very high quality products or they are also available on Amazon (click on photo).  But you can also get the same exact products from Dr Marquis & Dr Cochran if you live locally as they have a huge selection and are very helpful!

Recommended Supplements (in order of importance):
Vitamin D (90% of Americans are dangerously LOW in this Vitamin!)
Digestive Enzymes
(taken w/ each meal)
B Complex
Fish Oil
(only if you do NOT eat fish at least 3 times per week)

Taking these supplements on a regular basis will improve your digestive system, immune system, overall appearance of healthier skin, hair & nails, and will help your body to battle inflammation which eventually causes cancer.  I could go on and on about the importance of each supplement but this gives a person a basic understanding of where to start.


Digestive Enzymes
High Quality Supplements are “Amy Approved”!!!


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