Why Dairy is NOT Amy Approved

Dairy has been non-existent in my diet for the past 3 or 4 years and I haven’t looked back.  I initially removed it from my diet due to having a hoarse voice for 7 weeks that I couldn’t cure.  After spending lots of $$$ on every type of doctor possible a natural path had me take all dairy products out of my diet.  Within one week my voice returned back to normal!  The voice was a great benefit but I it also began my journey to solve my digestive and acne problems.  The more research I did on dairy the more I realized that adults do NOT need dairy, how many hormones are in today’s products and how much mucus is created in the body as a result.  Yikes… 

Here is the big question:  Where do I get my calcium from??  GREENS, beans, fish &  nuts!  Broccoli, kale, mustard greens, Chinese cabbage, organic blackstrap molasses, tempeh, okra, tahini, figs, canned salmon, almonds, almond butter are all GREAT sources of calcium!

After the age of two the human body can no longer properly digest and absorb dairy products unless you are consuming the RAW organic unpasteurized form (which is good for you) but very expensive.   It also creates mucus in the body which then creates inflammation, stagnation and a whole lotta disorder in your gut.  Mucus buildup has been linked to a variety of illnesses from asthma to arthritis to Crohn’s disease.  In addition, most yogurts are loaded with added sugar.

I challenge you to one week of dairy free living.  Check all of your labels (even though you should be eating mostly fresh foods) for “casein, whey, milk, butter, milk solids” or anything that is dairy based take it out of your diet for one whole week.  Let me know how you feel!

I use three different nut based milks and all are unsweetened: Unsweetened Coconut , Unsweetened Hemp & Original Rice Milk.

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    1. Personally my body is sensitive to soy, but in general soy is not the healthiest choice UNLESS it is organic, non-gmo and preferrably fermented soy like Tempeh. If you do drink soymilk just make sure it is unsweetened, organic & non-gmo (not genetically modified). Sound good??

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