Salmon Sandwich


Salmon sandwich is a lunch staple for me during the week.  One can of wild salmon will make 3 sandwiches so it is quick, easy, healthy and inexpensive!  I basically make a salad on a piece of bread.  I make the salmon mixture with the above ingredients in a glass storage container so I can have it ready to go for 3 days.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE different mustard’s so I mix it up for variety.  I add the drained salmon, mustard, Bragg’s nutrition flakes & pepper (I sometimes add chopped onion).  I toast one piece of my brown rice bread, put the salmon on then all of the veggies on top of that. 

*Canned Salmon
*Stone-ground Mustard (click on lower photo to buy online)
*Bragg’s Flakes
*Brown Rice Bread – 1 piece (open face sandwich)
*Spinach, Romaine – whatever type I have

Salmon Sandwich

Now you see what I mean by a salad on a sandwich.  It is messy but sooo good when you toast the bread! 

Canned Wild Salmon is a GREAT source of:
*Omega 3 Fatty Acids
*High Quality Protein
*Calcium-rich, non-dairy food!
*B12 (4 oz = half of your daily requirement!)
*Vitamin D
*B6 & Magnesium

If you are not fortunate, like those Alaskans, to have an unlimited amount of salmon on hand click on the top photo to buy the canned online 🙂

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