Tips To Kick Those Cravings

Tips to Kick the Sugar Cravings (Crazy Sexy Diet & Amy Approved Style)

1. Eat a small snack that is high in protein and some fat such as nuts, seeds and avocados

2. Sip on hot herbal tea with a bit of stevia to sweeten

3. Get a satisfying boost from homemade lemonade made w/freshly squeezed lemons, stevia and mint (or strawberries)

4. Juice up a nutrient packed green drink or smoothies with some good fat in it such as coconut or avocado

5. Enjoy a rice cake with almond butter or a baked sweet potato

6. Enjoy 1 small piece (about 1 square inch) of dark chocolate that has 75% cacao or more. Dark chocolate and carob are both great. Savor slowly

7. Sip some almond or coconut milk w/ stevia and cocoa

8. Snack on a cup full of low glycemic fruit, apples, blackberries and pears

9. Floss, brush and gargle with natural minty mouthwash. It sends the signal that the office of eating is temporarily closed for business.

10. Change your environment until the crisis passes. Go for a walk, garden, call a friend, take a bubble bath, fire up your intimacy!

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