Take the Time for YOURSELF (yes, YOU)

Kelly from Harmony House Yoga in Pismo Beach wrote this in her November newsletter and I wanted to share it with all of you.  Great message for the holiday season!

We have all been raised by different parents and role models, but what we have all been influenced by in a similar way is our understanding of time.  Perhaps our understanding is more linear (going, going, going) as opposed to our ancestors whose understanding was more CIRCULAR.  We are now taught to value speed and getting things done quickly.  I’m sure that we can all relate to this in some way.  We learn that the act of DOING is more valuable or significant than just simply BEING.  However, if we are working towards the goal of embracing each moment, we must understand that DOING is a state of the future, whereas, BEING is a state of the NOW.  We may even feel that when we are continuously moving forward rapidly, that there is a sense of disconnect.  We are not really experiencing the beauty of the moment or even the beauty of living.  Let’s all make it a point in this lovely season of fall to slow down and rediscover how precious life is.  We need to give ourselves the gift of time throughout this holiday season.  Isn’t that a great gift idea!?  Allow yourself to take a few hours off and indulge in whatever your heart desires.  Whether this may be spending time in silence, some time out in nature, connecting with others, or even exploring the unexplored terrain within.

Slowing down doesn’t mean that we have to be lazy, but by conducting ourselves at a slower pace we relearn ways to be selective in how and with whomwe spend our time. Simplicity gives a new perceptive (perhaps more circular, than linear) on what we need to purge from our life.  For example, what activities are no longer serving you?

As we prepare for the holidays, we may find it especially challenging to avoid rushing and bouncing from one thing to the next, but please give yourself the opportunity and chance to invite a more relaxed tempo into your daily routine.  The sense of accomplishment we internalize by always completing something may fall away, but it will be replaced by something much more significant and beneficial in the long run… pure contentment and peace.  May this new pace open your mind, expand your heart’s awareness, and give you the ability to discover the TRUE BLISS in being alive!!


Harmony House Yoga – Pismo Beach, CA



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