Quick body weight circuit!

Movement Prep:
High Knee’s x 20
Butt Kicks x 20
High Skips x 20
Karaoke x 20
Lateral Shuffle x 20
Down – dog
Active windmill x 10
Hamstring prep x 10
Opposite Hand to foot x 10

Jump Squats  x 20
push-ups (counter, knees or toes) x 10
Single Step-ups (chair) x 10 ea
Full Body “V” ups x 20
Single Stiff Legged Dead Lift w/ Superman Arms x 10ea
Pike Push-ups x 10
Skater Lunges x 20
Seated Romanian Twists x 20
Triceps Push-ups (counter, knee or toes) x 10

**Repeat 2-4 times
Quad Stretch

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