Plant the Seed

Plant a seed, watch it grow, feed it, water it, talk positive, be patient and in the end there will be a GREEN vegetable ready to harvest. Planting a garden is like fitness. When a person first begins they are typically overweight, negative, frustrated for not seeing immediate results and quit.  You must start slowly, be patient, feed your body nutrient full foods, hydrate, reward yourself for your little successes, and in the end your body will shine and thrive like never before. 

Plant a seed…Start by exercising 10 minutes each day, cut dairy out one meal a day and skip seconds.

Watch it grow…Give your self a pat on the back when you accomplish the little things in fitness like losing a half pound and proudly say “no thank you” when your co-worker offers you pie.

Feed it…In order to feel your best and lose those extra pounds you have to eat clean as nutrition is 80% of your success. You are what you eat. If you feed your plant poison it will turn brown and die. If you feed your body processed, sugar laden food it too will slowly slow down one health problem at a time.

Water it…Hydrate! Filtered water is always best. You can buy a reverse osmosis system for your house for only $100. Drink 75-100 ounces of clean water daily.  If you are drinking from a water bottle make sure it is BPA Free!

Positive talk…Tell the universe what you want and it will happen.  When you say over and over “I am fat, I look fat in these jeans” = YES you will be fat and look fat in your jeans!  Start everyday with positive self talk.  “I look sexy today, I feel so strong, I love my workouts”.  I promise you this does work!

Be patient…Results do not happen over night.  If you have a goal of being active 5 times per week stick to it.  You will see results if you are patient yet diligent.

Harvest your goods…Enjoy your new fit strong body.  Appreciate when your low back feels strong and you can wear a tank top this summer with your new sexy arms.  Continue your fitness and clean eating as a lifestyle to ensure you are glowing and living your best life possible!

Plant a Seed...
Enjoy the Results!

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