Get Movin’

Did you know that your body heals 8 times faster when you exercise regularly???? 8 TIMES! Wow…all I have to say is…Get Moving!

Spring is here and now is the season to get outside. For me being in the mountains is healing, energizing, inspiring and one heck of a good workout! Hiking, running, biking, power walking, outdoor sports, skiing…just get outside and MOVE! Aim for at least 30 minutes fives times per week and soak up your daily dose of vitamin D!

SWEAT…If you don’t push through the burn you will never improve and grow. In fitness and in life when you hit a hurdle or begin to feel a burn push through! You will grow as a person both mentally and physically.

Yes I know I am an Alaska mountain girl at heart but I promise that once you accomplish a hike or run in the mountains or new trail you will feel the energy. After an outdoor workout I can solve all of my life problems, think clearly and have ideas that only the energy of the outdoors can bring. I hope to inspire you to MOVE everyday, get outside and strive to live your best life possible!

Madonna Mtn -SLO
Mt Marathon – AK!

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