Paleo Fitness Pyramid

Can you “sacrifice” a few hours of your week to build muscle, improve bone density, get stronger, fitter, faster & leaner?

Lift Heavy Things – Resistance training is the cornerstone of fitness.  Stronger people live longer, survive hardships better, and are able to enjoy life more fully than weaker people.  Two to three Lift Heavy Things workouts of 7-60 minutes each week, employing the Four Essential Movements.  (push-ups, pull-ups, squats & planks)

Run Really Fast Every Once in Awhile – Sprinting is the biggest “bang for your buck” exercise.  It’s brutally effective and highly efficient, promoting growth hormone release, fat burning, and lean mass building.  It’s over in 10-15 minutes and you only need to do it once per week 🙂

Move Frequently at a Slow Pace – Slow movement is the foundation of fitness.  Walking, hiking, gentle cycling…these aren’t about burning calories, they’re about maintaining the movement and the ability to move.  Three to five hours a week.

That’s about four to six  hours a week total, with just about an hour of strength training, fifteen minutes of sprinting, and three to five hours of walking.  You do that, and you’ll be in darn good shape.

Thank you Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple for this great article!

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