One Workout at a Time… Circuit!!!

4993Sometimes fitness & health can be overwhelming.  Breaking up your mindset to ONE workout at a time, ONE meal at a time, ONE day at a time can help your goals feel more achievable and able to maintain as a lifestyle.  Here is a circuit you can do on your own and CHECK IT OFF your list!!!  PROUD OF YOU!!!

Equipment: BOSU & Jump Rope

Warm-up 5-10 min (jog, elip, row, power walk, jump rope, air squats etc)
Supermans or Pelvic Bridges 2 x 15
Push-up / Down Dog x 15

BOSU Sissy Squats x 20 (stand on blue, butt to heals)
BOSU Push-ups x 15 (hands on black)
Jump Rope x 150
BOSU Oblique Planks (forearm on blue) x 15 each side
BOSU Lateral Jump-overs (blue up) x 20
BOSU Bicycles (low back on blue) x 50
Jump Rope x 150
Tricep Push-up (hands on blue) / Jump Tuck  x 10
BOSU Air Core (R armpit / L armpit = 1 rep) (hands on black) x 10 each leg
Split Lunges w/ Back foot on BOSU (blue part) x 15 each leg (db’s an option)
Jump Rope x 150

Repeat 2-3 times
Down Dog

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