One choice at a time…

Spring is the time for “change”… It is now the time to take action and reach those goals.  Everyday we are faced with many choices that affect our success whether it is related to our personal or business life.  We CHOOSE to succeed or not to succeed by the choices we make each day.

Start your spring off right and CHOOSE to reach your personal and business goals.  Body weight, BMI, success and happiness go hand in hand.  When you “choose” to attain and maintain your goal weight or BMI the rest of your life will follow.

Choose to:
*Say NO when your co-worker offers you a homemade cookie
*Get up an hour earlier to get in your workout
*Do the last 2 reps
*Be 1% better everyday
*Eat every color of the rainbow everyday
*Order a side salad instead of fries
*Park as far away from your location as possible
*Make a yoga class once  per week
Our success is all about the choices we make.  Change is inevitable and you can “choose change or change will choose you”.  Take control of your life, make the right choices and you are on your way to the best life you can possibly live.
Keep up the great workouts!
Get outside this weekend and enjoy the sunshine!
Amy Harper

Mid March is here and spring is upon us as the sun is now setting an hour later.  Change is inevitable and one of my mentors recently quoted a powerful statement “choose change or change will choose you“.

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