Butternut Squash Soup

I added my vegan parmesan aka Braggs Nutrition Flakes to the top of my soup – YUM! (click on photo to buy the flakes online)

1 large Butternut Squash
1 medium Yellow Onion
1 Organic Chicken Breast or Tofu
½ Habanera or 1 jalapeño (only if you like spicy soup)
10-15 Mushrooms, chopped
2 cups Organic Chicken Broth
1 Tbsp Organic Coconut Oil or ½ cup Organic Coconut Milk
Salt & Pepper as needed

Cut Squash in half and coat w/ a little oil and bake for 30 min at 375 or until soft.  Bake Chicken breast at the same time with a little salt & pepper.  The Chicken Breast may take another 10 min.

Sauté onion, jalapeño & chicken or tofu together in the bottom of your soup pan w/ a little olive oil or coconut oil.  Cube up the squash (it should be very soft from baking it) and add it to your pan.  Add the chicken broth & coconut milk and simmer for a few minutes.  Add water as needed.

Salt & Pepper to your desired taste.


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