My Sister is ROCKING IT!!!

My little sister Erin May has been working her butt off & getting FIT for this Spring & Summer.  She is training for three 5K’s & one 10K!  I wrote her a 12 week workout plan and she is kicking some butt!!!  She works out 5-6 days per week which includes: running (she started with running/walking & is up to all running!), strength training – CIRCUIT – Amy Style, elliptical, hiking & yoga.  She is getting her hot body back (only 3 lbs from her goal/dream weight), but most importantly she is feeling STRONGER!!!  LOVE!!!  She is also working hard in the kitchen.  Her and her 2 year old daughter Ryah drink green smoothies daily, cook all of their meals at home, eat a ton of fruits & veggies and has really worked to increase her daily protein intake.

Keep it up sis – you are an inspiration for a lot of people!!!

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