HIIT Circuit

944790_502786089796409_1314381127_nWarm-up 5 min (jog, power walk, elliptical, bike)
Pelvic Bridge Marches x 20 (2 sets w/ knee’s to chest in between sets)

Push-up / Reach / Reach x 15 (reach leg through towards opposite armpit & drop into your hip / oblique)
Sissy Squat Jumps x 20 (feet together, drop butt to heels, stay on heels)
(repeat 3 times)

Jump Rope x 200

Jump Pull-ups x 10 (jump to a pull-up bar & get chin above bar)
DB Squat / Shoulder Press x 15 (feet shoulder width apart, sit back on heels & squat until your elbows hit your knee’s, DB shoulder press at the top, palms facing each other)
(repeat 3 times)

Jump Rope x 200

Pike Push-up / Jump Tuck x 10
DB Single Stiff Legged Dead Lift x 15 each leg (do not touch ground w/ opposite foot, chin high, use a fingertip on a wall if needed)
(repeat 3 times)

Jump Rope x 200

DB Bicep Curl / Walking Lunges x 20
Tricep Push-up / Jump Feet In & Out x 15 (pelvic tilt, ab squeeze)
(repeat 3 times)

Jump Rope x 200

Plank Hip Drops x 20
Plank Side Taps x 20
Plank “V” Ups x 20
(repeat 2-3 times)

STRETCH / Dog Dog = DONE!!!

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