Goooo Mt Marathon Racers!!!

Happy 4th of July!

Today in is the 84th running of the Mount Marathon Race in my hometown of Seward, Alaska. I grew up racing this mtn every 4th of July and have raced 16 times so I know what every racer is feeling and experiencing…They are TOUGH, Mtn Loving, Hard Core individuals of all ages.  All runners race up AND down the 3022 foot mountain.  It is 1.5 up & 1.5 miles down consisting of cliffs, waterfalls, snow, rock, shale and pure mountain.   My DAD is racing in the Men’s race today – GOOOOOO DAD!
The snow at the top is FAST & FUN!


You can watch the race LIVE on this link:,0,3808266.tividlivestream

Junior Race (1/2 way up & down)  9:30am
Women’s Race  11:15am
Men’s Race  3:00pm

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