Burn That Butt!!

Hip Tic Tocks is my new FAVORITE butt exercise.  Your abductors / butt will be on FIRE!  Watch my video below & try them out.  Start with 2 sets of 1 minute or 50-60 reps.  Super-set with 20 air-squats to really tighten that bootie!

Click HERE to Watch my Video!!






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1 thought on “Burn That Butt!!”

  1. Yay! I’m traveling and missed circuit this week so was eager to do Amy’s Fri posted routine . I read it two or three times and was trying to figure what “tic tocs” were. I was just about to substitute something random when the title lit up and there was a video of Amy demonstrating!! Very Cool(: I’m off for my run and Amy Approved Friday circuit. Thanks Amy!!

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