Amy Approved Circuit!!!


Warm-up 5 min (jog, power walk, elliptical, bike etc…)
Supermans w/ Lat squeeze at the top of each rep ( 2 sets of 15 w/ child pose in btwn sets)

Burpee w/ Wide Push-up / Jump Tuck x 10
Walking Lunges w/ HEAVY plate overhead x 20 (back knee almost touches ground)
BOSU Bicycles x 50
Band Rows in Plie x 20
Plie Jump Squats x 20 (drop band & do 20 jump squats touching hands to ground each time)
Tricep Chair Dips x 20 (elbows in)
Plate front raise in a WALL SIT  x 20 (leg wide enough to get full ROM)
BOSU Oblique Planks x 15 each side (elbow on blue)
BOSU Tricep Burpee’s w/ Jump Tuck x 10 (push-up on blue)
BOSU Plank Hip Drops x 20 (elbows on blue)
BOSU Taps x 50

Repeat 3 times
Time each round & KEEPING GOOD FORM try & beat your time!!!


Amy Approved = Creating Harmony Through Fitness & Whole Foods…

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