Sunday Food Prep


Sunday food prep is key for a successful clean eating week.  It takes the thinking out of your meals and assures you are fueling your body with WHOLE FOODS!  Today I prepped: chopped veggies, a cucumber tomato salad (tomatoes & lemon cucumbers from our garden!), a big green salad (napa cabbage, kale, carrots, apple, onion & cucumber), black bean hummus (I am LOVING this on my salads at lunch), homemade granola bars (my go-to breakfast), extra marinated  organic chicken breasts (will go on BBQ at dinner) and not pictured homemade sourdough bread for my hubs & kiddo.

Did this take me all day?  Absolutely NOT!  Probably just over one hour and I make it fun with Charly as she tastes everything I chop, bake etc!  You can add hard boiled eggs, homemade salsa, homemade dressing (I have been using salsa as my dressing) ETC ETC….

Fueling me and my family with WHOLE FOODS is essential.  I make it a priority and when you do this your world will change.  What are you prepping??!!

Amy Approved = Creating Harmony Through Fitness & Whole Foods…

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