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Acne is an inflammatory bacterial condition in the body that leads to self-consciousness, embarrassment & can lead to social withdrawal.  I spent most of my childhood fighting acne and it is not until I was a young adult (by this I mean 27ish..) did I finally realize that food sensitivities is what CAUSES acne.

Diet & stress are the number one causes of acne.  Grains in particular are the worst for your skin.  “Simply eliminating grains, dairy, sugars (particularly fructose), cereals, potatoes, wheat, gluten, corn, rice, pasta, processed foods, etc., radically improves acne for most people.”  For me it also took eliminating dairy.  My acne cleared up, my voice became clear (chronic hoarseness) & I was a much happier person!!!

According to the Gluten Free Diet:

“A person who is gluten intolerant cannot digest gluten, so the body will not recognize it when it is eaten and therefore treats it as a foreign body when trying to digest it.

Because the body of a gluten intolerant person cannot process gluten properly, the small intestines become damaged slowly over time causing digestive issues. The gluten intolerance can produce other symptoms and push the toxins through the skin such as acne.”

Soooo if you are suffering it is soooo worth it to make these above changes.  DO NOT put yourself through conventional treatments that include anti-biotics, Accutane and topical creams.  They do NOT work and lead to much bigger problems.

Read the full article by Dr Mercola HERE!

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