Thanksgiving Workout!!!

thanksgiving5Skipping your workout on Thanksgiving is NOT an option so here is a circuit you can do ANYWHERE!!!!  All you need is YOU, a jump rope & motivation!!!

5-10 minute power walk or jog
High Knee’s x 20
Butt Kicks x 20
Karaoke x 20 each direction
Pelvic Bridge Marches x 20

Push-up / Jump / Jump
(jump feet in then out) x 15
Sissy Squat Jumps x 20
(feet together, bring butt to heels then JUMP)
Jump Rope x 1 min or 150 jumps
Pike Push-up x 15 (top of head almost to ground, shoulders over wrist)
Reverse Lunge & JUMP x 10 each leg (stay on same leg for 10 reps)
Jump Rope x 1 min or 150 jumps
Tricep Chair Dips x 20
(find a chair and do dips with elbows IN)
Plank Hip Drops x 20
Jump Rope x 1 min or 150 jumps
Scissor Kicks x 50
Tricep Burpee’s w/ Jump Tuck x 10
Jump Rope x 1 min or 150 jumps

Repeat 2-3 times

I am grateful for YOU!!!  Let me know how your Thanksgiving morning workout goes!!!

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