Strength & Cardio Circuit!

I am off to Alaska for two weeks (YEAH!!) so I wanted to leave you with both a strength and cardio circuit!!

Warm-up 10 min easy
Pelvic Bridge Marches x 20
Down-dog / stretch

Inner Thigh Jump Together’s x 20
Push-up / Reach / Reach x 10
Db Row / Row Flare / switch arms x 8 each side
(repeat 2-3 times)

Jump Rope x 100-150

Hamstring Tic Tocs (single stiff legged dead lift) x 10 each leg
Pike Push-ups x 10
Reverse Lunge & jump x 10 each leg
(repeat 2-3 times)

Jump Rope x 100-150

Triceps Push-up / down dog x 10
Side Plank x 15 each side
DB Bicep Curl (hammer position) x 10
Plank Hip Drops x 20
(repeat 2-3 times)

Jump Rope x 200


Elip, bike, run, power walk, step mill

5 min EASY
1 min HARD
1 min EASY

(repeat for 20 min)
5 min EASY


*these workouts do NOT have to be done on the same day

ROCK your workouts and clean eating when I am gone as we have GOALS!!! I will see everyone the week of July 8th.

Amy Approved = Creating Harmony Through Fitness & Whole Foods…

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