NO Halloween Candy Challenge!!

I invite you to take on my NO Halloween candy challenge!!! Leading up to Halloween there is candy everywhere you turn. When you have a mindset of “ZERO” it makes it super simple to pass by the candy dish because typically when you indulge in one you end up eating 3! My challenge is THROUGH Halloween which means the candy that may show up in your house on Halloween is off limits into November as well. This challenge does not include organic dark chocolate or sweet foods like dates. It includes candy that you open in a wrapper that is filled with sugar, food dye, preservatives and words you cannot pronounce! It also includes baked goods that contain food dye.

Please double check your dark chocolate (Theo is my favorite brand & you can find it on Amazon, Cali Fresh, Whole Foods or Sprouts) to make sure it contains whole food ingredients. Here is an example of an Amy Approved ingredient list:

Cocoa Beans*+, Cane Sugar*+, Almonds*, Cocoa Butter*+, Pink Himalayan Salt

To get the candy OUT of your house after Halloween I recommend using the “switch witch”! Last year I let Charly pick 10 of her favorites and then she left the rest outside for the switch witch. That night the witch came, took her candy and left her a train ticket to Santa Barbara and a day pass to the zoo! I know some of you take it to work or simply throw it away but I’d recommend getting it out of your eye sight!

For those of you who opt out of my challenge that is OK. My compromise is to give yourself parameters, for example, eat ZERO up until Halloween, enjoy the holiday but after Halloween go back to ZERO. For those of you who have better self control allow yourself a piece a few times a week guilt free but don’t over-indulge. Find your balance!!!

Who is “IN” for my NO Halloween candy challenge???!!!

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