Holiday Circuit!!!


Charly 12-14 Months 067It’s that time of year to RAMP UP your fitness!!!  Do NOT wait until January 2nd to begin…  Holiday party’s, craziness, busy busy schedules can leave you feeling plump, heavy & bloated sooooooo here is a circuit that you can do anywhere!!!

Warm-up 10 minutes (power walk, jog, jump rope, air squats, elliptical, row etc…)
Pelvic Bridge Marches x 20

Squat Jumps x 20 (touch PALMS of hands to ground)
Push-ups x 10
Seated Oblique Twists x 20 (use a db or something weighted if possible)
Burpee’s w/ Tricep Push-up & Jump Tuck x 10
Tic Toc Lunges x 10 each leg
Plank w/ Side Foot Taps x 20

(repeat 2-3 times w/ a 1 minute rest after each round)

Down Dog

Happy Holidays!!!

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