Happy Father’s Day!!!



About 20 years ago my dad and I were out picking the weeds out of our family garden in Alaska.  I was frantically picking every single weed to ensure that the garden looked PERFECT.  My Dad was casually picking the weeds here and there to assure the plants weren’t over taken but was leaving a few.  That day while we were out gardening he said something to me that I live by today.  He said “Amy you don’t have to pick every single weed because you will be out here all day…Just relax a little, pick a few and your garden will flourish and grow”. 

It took me until I turned 30 to understand the significance of what my Dad said that day and the importance & longevity that “balance” and “leaving a few weeds” can do to your life.  I have the personality type that wants to pick every single weed even if I am outside in the garden until after dark.  I will forever have to work on bringing “balance” into all aspects of my life.  “Balance” heals diseases, brings you happiness,  makes you FIT, and brings the synergy to your life that is needed to continue to succeed at a pace that is realistic.

Celebrate your father today and take a moment to reflect on the life lessons he has taught you.  If you are fortunate enough to be a Dad make sure you pass on those life lessons. 

Happy Father’s Day Dad – I LOVE YOU!  Thank you for everything you have taught me.  I would not be “Amy” without you!

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  1. Now thats a Great Kid to see all that makes her whom she is. You are a very special kid as Gramdma Harper would say. Cuz we tend to think of others and what brings them kisses and hugs.

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