Happy Easter…EGGS!

BOSU's Dbl Yolk!!

We were making our Quinoa Pasta Carbonara and when we cracked BOSU’s egg open there were 2 yolks!  CRAZY!!!  What does that mean??  hmmm…  🙂

Egg’s have so much nutritional value.  The craze for so long was to not eat the egg yolks but new studies show that the yolks have most of the nutrition.  They are also finding that the cholesterol found in yolks will NOT raise your cholesterol but lower it.  It is the bacon, ham and grease that will raise your cholesterol!  Do NOT buy your egg’s in liquid form.  Buy good old organic free range eggs.  If you can find a local farm or egg service fresh is always best.

1 medium Egg:
*63 calories
*6 grams of protein!!
*AWESOME source of Protein & Selenium
*Good source of Riboflavin, Biotin, Vitamin B12 & Phosphorus
*High in Omega-3 & Omega-6 fatty acids

Lightly scramble or fry your egg’s with coconut oil, hard-boil, poach or add to any pasta or brown fried rice recipe.  Just eat the whole egg and remember…EVERYTHING in moderation!

Enjoy your families today…LOVE, LAUGH & RELAX…Happy Easter!

BOSU & Coco

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