Friday Fat Burner


Here is a quick, intense circuit that will get you burning fat on this summer Friday!

15 min run
10 air squats
10 wide push-ups

1 minute intervals – Do as many reps as you can do in 1 minute

Plie Jump Squats (touch hands to ground, feet wide, toes out, jump overhead)
20 second recovery
Burpee’s w/ Wide Push-up (Jump out to plank, push-up, jump in, jump up & repeat)
20 second recovery
Prisoner Get ups (lay flat on mat, do a full crunch, stand up & jump.  Try to keep hands behind your head)
20 second recovery
Bicycle (lye on back, hands & feet do a bicycle motion, do not touch head or feet to floor)
20 second recovery
Tricep Chair Dips
20 second recovery

Repeat 3 times

15 minute RUN w/ 3 x 1 minute “fast”


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