Friday Fat Burn!!!

Warm-up – 1 mile jog or 8-10 min EASY cardio
Supermans 2 x 15
Int/Ext Rotation 15 of each (band or cable) (this is to warm-up your rotator cuff)

Bupee’s w/ Push-up x 15
Plank w/ Hip Drop x 20
Plie Jump Squat Tapping Hands to Ground x 20
Pike Push-ups x 15
Jump Lunges w/ Oblique Twist (into your front knee) x 20
Tricep Chair Dips x 15
Seated Oblique Twists w/ Feet in Air x 50 (touch hands to ground)

Repeat 2-3 times
Rest 1 minute in between rounds


My circuits are written to BURN BODY FAT!!  So INTENSITY (and no chatting) is KEY.  Short intense bouts of exercise will get you leaner than ever before.

Train Hard, Eat Clean, Be Well

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