Friday Fat Blast

Warm-up 10 min jog

High Knee’s x 6 / Jump Lunges x 6 (repeat 3 times)
Push-up / Jump Knees to Armpit x 12 (go to both sides & to plank in btwn)
(Repeat 2-3 times)

SPRINT 2 minutes

Mtn Climbers x 20
Side Oblique Planks x 15 (each side)
(Repeat 2-3 times)

SPRINT 2 minutes

Burpee’s w/ Tricep Push-up x 12
Plie Jump Squats (feet wide, toes out, touch hands to ground) x 20
(Repeat 2-3 times)

SPRINT 2 minutes

Cool Down 10 minute moderate jog.

Upper Lunge
Forward Fold


Happy Friday!

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