Fat Blasting Circuit!!

998758_398546286915908_1137653502_nI LOVE this saying!  Short bursts of intense exercise will CHALLENGE & CHANGE you!!!  Push your bodies, recover, eat clean & then sit back & see the results.  YOU CAN DO THIS!

Warm-up 10 min (elip, jump rope, run, power walk, bike, power squats etc)
Pelvic Bridge Marches 2 x 20

Air Squats & Jump (tap hands to ground) x 20
Push-up / Jump Tuck x 15
Seated Oblique Twists x 20 (use a db or med ball if possible)
(repeat 2-3 times)

Band Rows in a Seated Position x 20
Mtn Climbers (WIDE) x 50
Scissor Kicks (on your back) x 30
(repeat 2-3 times)

Band Side Steps x 20 / Bicep Curls x 10
Tricep Push-up / Jump Tuck x 10
Jump Rope x 100
(repeat 2-3 times)


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