Exercise = Energy!

This photo says it all!!!  MOVE daily!!!!  Even if you are taking a day off from exercise go outside and do some light yard word, a quick power walk or some yoga.  You WILL have more energy afterwards!

Run / Elip / Bike 10-15 min

Repeat 2-3 rounds:

Jump Rope x 100
Jump Lunges w/ Oblique Twist x 20 (twist into front leg)
Pike Push-ups x 10
Oblique Side Planks x 15 each side
Wide Push-ups x 10
Walking Lunges w/ Butt Kick x 20
Tricep Push-ups x 10

REPEAT 2-3 times

Down Dog
Run / Elip / Bike 30 minutes w/ 3 x 30 seconds “hard” w/ 1 min rest in between


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