Circuit – Getting You Ready for Your Sport!!!

Circuit is what I use to keep me fit for my mtn races, road races, adventure races, mtn hikes & overall fitness for life.  It improves your muscle endurance, strength, balance, agility & MORE which will in turn get you ready for YOUR sport!!!!

I raced in my home town of Seward Alaska’s Mt Marathon race on the 4th of July.  It is a VERY intense 3.5 mile race up AND down a very steep mountain.  Having a baby 9 months ago I wasn’t sure how I would finish but thanks to circuit training, road running & intervals on the shell ridge I did pretty darn good!!!  Here is a picture right after I crossed the finish line.  (proud moment to have missy in my arms!)
2014 1053At the start2014 1051My Dad finishing the last 1000 meters & my mom high fiving him (yes it runs in the family!)2014 1061My mom, Charly & I with the mtn in the background (YES up & down that sucker!)2014 1059

Charly and I had such an amazing 2 weeks in Alaska.  We are blessed!!!

Now here is a circuit to get YOU ready for YOUR sport!!!!

Warm-up 10 (jog, elip, row, bike etc)
Superman’s x 15 (2 sets)

Jump Rope x 100
Push-up x 1 w/ Jump Tuck x 1  (burpee w/ jump tuck) x 12
Bicycles x 75
Jump Lunges w/ Oblique Twist x 20 (twist into front leg)
Tricep Push-up x 5 / Mtn Climber x 10 (repeat 3 times)

Repeat this 3 times with a 1 minute rest between sets

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