Movement prep
5-10 min power walk, jog, elip, bike
High Knee’s x 20
Butt Kicks x 20
High Skips x 20
Lateral Shuffle x 20
Windmill x 10
Hamstring Prep x 10
Opposite hand to foot x 10

4 rounds:
DB Row in Bear Pose x 20
Stability Ball Super Pull-overs (1 db) x 10
Stability Ball Plank Roll-out (forearms on ball, feet wide) x 20
Db Lateral Raise x 10
DB Lateral Lunges x 20 (R/L)
DB Triceps Skull Crushers (rolled out on stability ball – hip bridge) x 10
Jump Lunges x 20
Stability Ball Hamstring Extension & Curl x 20

Down-dog = DONE!!!

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