A Welcomed Change

With daylight becoming less and less, cooler temperatures creeping in, and
the calendar quickly filling up with social gatherings and holidays, exercise is
often the first on the list to be cut. The change of seasons also brings other
potential challenges, as some struggle with motivation during darker months,
dislike being outside in cold weather, or find any change to be just plain
uncomfortable or unpleasant in general.

If you can relate to, (or have experienced), any of the above sentiments,
let this instead be a fun and exciting time of exploration! Instead of fearing
or resisting having to adjust your exercise routine, think of what else you can
add to it! What physical activity or exercise can you do now that was forgotten
or neglected during the warm summer months? What is something new that you
always wanted to try out this past summer, but failed to do because you spent
your time at the beach instead? What is something outdoors, physical, and fun
that you can share with your family and friends when they visit you during the

There is so much to be gained from switching up your routine match the
season, your schedule, and your preferences, as winter draws near. As an
example, I just moved back home to Washington state. Here, in the fall and
winter months, cyclo-cross, mountain biking, trail running, and all types of
skiing become the preferred choices of many. During the summer, it’s the season
for open water swim events, road racing, triathlons and boating, but come autumn and winter, people are just as excited and eager to participate in the
activities mentioned above. Last night, I went out and explored a new trail
myself (pictured) and found so much raw beauty, excitement, and enjoyment that I would not have  discovered, had I been resistant to change and altering my
routine.Let this be a friendly reminder, that change can be a blessing in disguise,
embracing the seasons can lead us to new discoveries, (be it in nature, our
relationships, or ourselves), and ’tis the season for health, wellness and
happiness 🙂

Laura Coombs

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