A Quick Holiday Circuit

thanksgiving2Do not stress over every calorie this holiday season.  Challenge yourself to MOVE everyday, drink plenty of water (half of your body weight in ounces) & eat very clean meals so you have some wiggle room at your festive Christmas parties. img_3171.jpg

*Cardio means rock what you CAN – run, jog, elliptical, bike, stair stepper, rower, jump rope…etc!!!

5 min cardio
Supermans 2 x 15

Walking lunges w/ butt kick x 20
Push / down dog x 10
Side plank x 10 each side
(repeat 2-3 times)

Cardio x 3 min HARD

Jump rope x 1 min
Plank x 1 min
Plie jump togethers x 20 (touch hands to ground – butt low)
(repeat 2-3 times)

Cardio x 3 min HARD

Jump Squats x 20
Tricep push-up x 10
Seated roman twists w/ feet in air x 20
(repeat 2-3 times)

Cardio x 3 min HARD

Scissor Kicks x 20
Plank hip drops x 20
(repeat 2-3 times)


Amy Approved = Creating Harmony Through Fitness & Whole Foods…

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