A Grapefruit a day….Keeps the doc away…

My Grapefruit Bowl

Grapefruit is a super-food that I cannot get enough of.  Yes they are a bit on the bitter side but they have so many health benefits.  I typically eat one every morning right after my glass of warm ACV water.  I recently learned that you are not supposed to eat the same foods every single day because your body can build an intolerance/allergy to that food so I sometimes switch it out with an orange.  But grapefruits are my absolute favorite.

*Low in sugar/fructose
*Satisfies hunger
*Aids in weight loss
*High in fiber
*Helps treat fatigue
*Rich in potassium, vitamin A, folate, iron & vitamin C
*Helps with constipation
*The citric acid increases alkalinity in the body

Grapefruits are in season right now so ENJOY!

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