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I am honored & excited to announce that I sold my online business!  I opened the business in 2003 living in a beach cottage in Grover Beach, CA (thank you Jodi & Stacy) while borrowing a friend’s computer (thank you Crystal)! I discovered the name while on the phone with my mom looking through fitness magazines (thank you Mom) and was lucky to find that the ShapeItUp domain name was available!!! These past 12 years I have worked 7 days a week (unless John was shipping for me – thank you Mr Hall!) to grow, expand & rock ShapeItUp. Having Charly this past year and a half has proven it’s time to let something go. Putting my business up for sale was a very emotional move for me as it’s my baby 🙂 I am going to have so much more quality time with my girl & hubby and I plan to rock my personal training & nutritional consultation businesses. I am honored & blessed to have sold this business to a woman who is determined, motivated, amazing & extremely hard working. She WILL bring ShapeItUp to the next level. Thank you to everyone who has supported me along my amazing journey and especially to my husband & Dad who have taught me everything I know about running a business. I know that Ben will NOT miss me taping boxes for hours on a Sunday!!! Hard work DOES pay off. One decision at a time… Amy Approved!!!!!

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