30 min circuit!

This morning I rocked a 30 min bike (stationary) and 30 min circuit that I challenge you to do!!

10 min EASY – just “spin” and break a sweat
Set timer for 20 min
1 min “hard” / 30 sec “easy” / 30 sec “moderate” (repeat this for 20 min)

Quick movement prep (yoga flow – do what your body needs)
3 rounds – break as needed in between rounds but no break in between exercises

Chin-ups x 8, 6, 4 – HOLD on last rep for 20 “knee-ups”
*modification – jump chin-ups or use an assist band / for “knee-ups” do lying leg lowers on floor
Reverse lunges off a 2″ step w/ “pop” at the top x 10 ea leg
*modification – no step and/or no “pop”
BOSU Oblique Planks x 10 ea side
*modification – drop knees to floor and/or take out BOSU
Full body “V” ups x 25
*modification – forearm plank w/ “v” up
Push-up / down dog x 10
*modification – knees on push-up
HEAVY (I used 25lbs in each hand) DB Shoulder Press (use legs for power) x 10
DB stiff legged dead lifts x 10
*modification – lying stability ball hamstring roll-out
Glider “V” ups x 10 / Obliques x 10
*modification – forearm plank hip drops x 20
Band reverse grip triceps pull-down x 10

Repeat 3 times
**rest in between a sets as needed but NO rest in between exercises – you’ve got this!!!

This workout took me about 55 min but may take a bit longer depending on how much you rest in between sets.

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