We are getting there….Gooooo Harvard!!!

Harvard is taking on the US government by challenging the new version of the USDA’s new “plate” version of the food guide pyramid.   Which do you agree with & why??



Harvard's Plate


Harvard's Pyramid

Amy’s Opinion:
*USDA’s – Not specific enough, contains dairy (ugh..) & does not include exercise

*Harvard’s Plate– Includes water, states to limit dairy, avoids sugary drinks, states to avoid cured meats like bacon as they contain nitrates & nitrites, admits that french fries are NOT a vegetable and says to STAY ACTIVE!

*Harvard’s Pyramid – LOVE that the bottom of the pyramid is all about daily exercise & weight control!!!  I also really like that they advise taking a daily multivitamin plus extra vitamin D.  Overall this is my favorite!

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1 thought on “We are getting there….Gooooo Harvard!!!”

  1. The USDA’s plate does not address fats which are not all bad. I really like Harvard’s Plate…as I like the plate icon as we eat of a plate not so much a pyramid and I think the plate is a more useful tool for meal planning. Thank you for sharing!

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