Sunday Workout & Juicing

Post Workout Juicing Ingredients:
2 carrots
1/4 organic pear

Circuit Sunday (20 min of intensity)
30 min easy run
4 stations x 2 sets (twice)
1 min at each station 20 seconds in between (use a timer that beeps)
BOSU, 12lb soft med ball, BOSU stability ball, Lebert Equalizers

Round 1 (2 sets / 1 min at each station / 20 sec in btwn)
*Reverse Lunge / Knee Raise w/ med ball overhead (tap ball to knee on knee raise) 10 each leg
*Lebert Rows w/ 3 different grips
*BOSU Air Core (5 each leg) (one leg to each armpit – foot stays off ground for all 5 reps) & 5 Jump Squats w/ BOSU overhead (LOW)
*Ball Crunches x 20 & Ball Obliques x 20 (low back on ball)

Round 2
(2 sets / 1 min at each station / 20 sec in btwn)
*Feet on med ball hands on ground / single legged butt raise / knee to armpit (5 each side & switch) (one foot will be on ball at a time)
*Lebert Push-ups
*BOSU Squat Jump Overs (fast lateral movement)
*Stability Ball overhead/shoulder tosses in a “v” on ground x 10 & 10 Ball Taps in “v” (keep going til minute is up)

YOGA 5 min

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