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We are re-modeling our kitchen at the moment…Ok well for a VERY long moment…at least 4 weeks….So I am KITCHENLESS!  Crazy…  So I am finding new ways to eat clean, prep & NOT eat out every night!  Week one went well, but I have to admit it was challenging!

So today (Sunday) I am prepping a bunch of veggies & am cooking a pork in the crock pot.  This will give us leftovers for a good two days worth of lunches.  I wrote a blog awhile back called: Prep is Key To Success and this is soooo true!  When you and your family are starving and you have nothing thawed, planned or readily available for easy quick meals you are most likely going to eat out, grab from the grocery deli or make box mac & cheese.  NO NO NO!  PREP PREP PREP!!!!!  Make sure you read my blog link above for some easy, great prep tips.

This above dish I took a big spoonful of organic unrefined coconut oil & sauteed the butternut squash (I bought the pre-cut ones at Costco) with a little salt until lightly softened.  I added water to make sure they didn’t burn & were able to cook thoroughly.  In the meantime I cut up my brussels sprouts, broccoli, 1 carrot & zucchini.  I then added the other veggies, balsamic vinegar, salt & stirred often to assure everything was evenly cooked.

Costco pre-cut butternut squash (1/2 package)
15 + brussels sprouts, quartered
1 small head broccoli, chopped
2 small zucchini, chopped
1 carrot, chopped
1.5 tbsps organic unrefined coconut oil
Balsamic Vinegar

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