Miranda Before & After…33 Pounds Down…WOW!!!

11 year old Miranda has been on a weight loss journey these past 4 months and has LOST 33 POUNDS!!!!!  Click here to read a blog I wrote at the beginning of her journey.

Here is Miranda after she had lost her first 13 pounds (front row – red shirt):

Here is Miranda now after losing 33 lbs, completely changing her eating habits & exercising regularly:

Miranda has also learned to cook for herself.  Here is her breakfat yesterday which is an omelet made with an omelet maker, shredded sweet potatoes with cinnamon, and salsa.

Here is what Miranda had to say about her journey:

“Amy I have been so happy I have been eating good I feel like I have said that I can do this and that its not hard when you run I love my new and amazing life.”

Miranda I am SOOOOO very proud of you!!!!!!!!

You are inspiring the millions of overweight children & proving that exercising & eating whole foods will correct your health problems. Do not give up as these disciplines will carry over to your everyday life & create an amazing successful future for yourself.

Amy Approved = Creating Harmony Through Fitness & Whole Foods

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